Early COD Remittance

Enjoy Uninterrupted Cash Flow for eCommerce Stores and receive timely payments for your COD orders.

30 Lakh

COD orders

1.2 Crore

Saved by reducing

20.00 %

Conversion to

Swift COD Remittance Advantages

Guaranteed Remittance in 2 days

The typical COD remittance cycle lasts 8-15 days, causing inventory planning issues, insufficient working capital, and forcing sellers to seek loans. Swift Early COD ensures COD remittance within just 2 days after delivery.

Improved Cash Flow, Uninterrupted Working Capital

With a remarkably short remittance cycle of just 2 days, small businesses and sellers can confidently plan their monthly activities, even in the face of fluctuating sales, and maintain adequate working capital.

Improved Creditworthiness

Through timely and consistent COD payments, sellers can enhance their creditworthiness and unlock improved financing opportunities down the line helping their business in long run.

Focus on Growth

With a stable cash cycle, sellers can focus on growth avenues like marketing, technology, and new product development. Even planning for festival sales events requires an increased cash flow to manage supply.

Swift COD Remittance Advantages

Reduce RTO by 30%

RTO can be drastically reduced by successfully confirming COD and prepaid orders. Leverage the order verification tool and increase the successful delivery rate in your eCommerce.

Status-based Action

Easily navigate across orders by filtering them with automated tags for confirmed, Cancelled, and Pending Confirmation COD orders. Decide to take action on single or bulk orders in one click.

Reduce Operational Cost

COD order verification helps in reducing failed deliveries by avoiding last-minute order cancellations. This in turn leads to reducing additional expenses that may occur because of returns.

Unparalleled COD Order Verification

Verify COD orders by leveraging various channels like WhatsApp, SMS, and COD confirmation calls through IVR. Make the communication more personalised and enhance customer experience.

Go Live in 30 mins

Easily integrate your sales channels like Shopify, WooCommerce, Instagram and start verifying COD orders. Save your business valuable time and cost by identifying fraud COD orders.

Convert Risky COD orders to Prepaid

With Swift’s advanced COD to Prepaid function, you can send a payment link to your customers right after they place a COD order. Boost delivery success rate and reduce the chances of cancellation.

Swift COD Remittance Advantages

Easy to Integrate

Effortlessly integrate a branded tracking page on your domain for a personalized tracking experience within your website. Eliminate consumer anxiety and delight them with accurate shipment status.

Subscribe to WhatsApp Updates

Users can easily opt-in for tracking updates on WhatsApp and SMS from the branded tracking page. Every status update of shipment is notified to the user immediately.

Boost Brand Awareness

Enhance your brand presence and personalize post-purchase experience with custom branding, including logos, colors, and branded tracking pages hosted on your own custom URL.

Raise Issues, Dispute Management

Provide customer care numbers and emails to proactively assist consumers and raise issues. Let consumers manage returns and cancellations from the tracking page.

Review and Ratings

Allow customer to provide their feedback at the right time before they escalate on social media. Get a rating between 1 to 5 stars, analyze, and choose the best-performing courier partners accordingly.

Advanced Product Recommendation

Drive extra revenue by easily cross-selling products to consumers on the branded tracking page. Leverage the branded tracking page to run marketing campaigns and increase retention.

How It Works

Four easy steps to get started with COD Order Verification

Connect your Online eCommerce Stores

Connect your Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, or any other custom sales channels to GoSwift OMS.

Activate Early COD

Visit Settings in OMS, select the Early COD option, and choose the most suitable COD remittance plan. Registered sellers can also request this feature from their dedicated account managers.

Order Delivered. Cash Received

Once the COD order is delivered, the delivery partner receives the cash from the customer, order status is changed to COD Order Delivered in the Swift OMS.

Remittance Receivables

As per the seller's plan, COD remittance is reflected in the settlement cycle. Sellers can also choose an early settlement cycle.

Connect your Online eCommerce Stores

Connect your Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, or custom sales channels to Swift OMS. Check the payment mode of the order and verify both COD and prepaid orders.

Automated Communication

Swift sends automated COD confirmation messages to customers who have placed a COD Order. Choose Prepaid orders and click verify order to verify a prepaid order.

Get a reply from customers in 24 hours

Customers can either confirm or cancel the COD order. The COD order verification message is reattempted if the user doesn't reply in 24 hours.

Confirm/Cancel Tag

Confirm and cancel tags are shown in front of each order on the swift panel and in sales channel notes.

Order Confirmation

Once an order is confirmed, we send an order confirmation message with the order number, shipment details, and estimated delivery date.

Connect eCommerce Store to Swift OMS

Connect your Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, or custom sales channels to Swift OMS. Check orders for a collated view of orders from every sales channel.

Create your Shipment or Sync Orders

Create shipments; once the order is picked up, a tracking link is created. Customize the user interface of the tracking page from OMS settings.

Customize Branded Tracking Page

The tracking page can be customized accordingly to the style guide, campaigns, and more. Make your tracking page look native and increase brand integrity.

Smart Insights

Optimize your delivery performance with Swift’s high-end shipping analytics. Find out if shipments have reached customers on time, monitor the number of views on the tracking page and clicks on the buttons.

Send Tracking Updates

Add a tracking link to your order status page and send a tracking link to consumers via Whatsapp, SMS, and Mail.


Quick answers to the top questions asked by our Merchants
How soon can I get remittance through early COD?
With Swift's early COD, you can receive payments as fast as 2, 3, or 4 days based on the plan that you choose.
How will my business benefit from early COD?
Early COD helps your business to maintain cash flow and manage inventory efficiently.
What are the charges for early COD remittance?
Early COD charge is the amount that a seller pays to get remittance faster. These charges go from 0.50% to 0.99% of the order amount based on the plan you choose.
How to start receiving early COD remittance?
You can either enable the COD remittance option in the Swift Order Management System or escalate with their dedicated account managers.
What is Early COD by Swift
Early COD Remittance is the feature by Swift where eCommerce sellers can enjoy COD remittance as early as 2 days after the product delivery. This unlocks more working capital for the seller.

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