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No additional or hidden charges like 'Return to Origin', 'Cash on Delivery' etc
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We, at Swift ,know how difficult it is while calculating, predicting and reconciling shipping costs. Most shipping companies charge you based on 5 different variables by shipping companies, namely,

Shipping Weight - Typically higher of volumetric or dead weight
Zone - Regions defined based on the distance between delivery and pickup pincode
Shipping Direction - Whether the shipment is for Forward, RTO or Reverse
Service Type - Delivery service used e.g. Air mode/ Surface mode etc
Payment Type - Extra charges levied if the shipment is a Cash/Card on Delivery order

For sellers, this is a big problem!

1. Significant time spent on month-end reconciliations
Sellers spend up-to 7 days every month end tallying shipping invoices in order to identify possible disputes due to weight related and other billing overcharges

2. Long dispute resolution cycles
If disputes are identified, sellers then haggle with ineffective support teams to rectify these disputes. Typically it takes 3-4 weeks to arrive at mutual agreement on the disputes resolution

3. Completely opaque operating expenses leading to unpredictable margins
Since pricing is not clear when creating the shipment, sellers have no visibility on how much they may end up paying for the shipment. Without up-front visibility, sellers are unable to plan their business operations effectively leading to revenue loss and lower margins

Now with Swift's invoice pricing -

  1. No more monthly reconciliations - sellers pay a fixed upfront fee for their shipments
  2. No more disputes - all pricing information is available in advance
  3. Visibility on expenses- sellers knows exactly the cost of doing business, even before doing the business