Lead UI Engineer

Full Time

About Us:

Swift is building a next generation checkout stack for India - a platform rolling up payments and logistics solution for all fulfillment needs. We give businesses the opportunity to provide a customer experience at par with the likes of Amazon and Flipkart, all the while saving money and time. Think of us like Amazon without the website listing - we let our sellers design their own sales channel.

We believe there are many things a seller or small business has to worry about when selling online, logistics/payments etc. shouldn't be one of them. With our solution, SMBs and D2C brands get access to technologies and services like next day delivery, same day delivery, live package tracking, Card/Cash on delivery, scheduled delivery etc., making parcel delivery just as simple as collecting payment.

We also provide robust APIs which makes it easy for developers to add shipping capabilities to their multichannel online store.

We want to be the #1 checkout platform that is reliable, easy to use and affordable.

Our Requirements:

  1. Must have 3+ years experience in React native / Flutter, JavaScript strongly typed languages, along with Typescript / Flow.
  2. Experience in Hybrid app technologies is a huge plus (Ionic, React native etc).
  3. Have experience in architecting and developing cross-platform web and mobile apps.
  4. Strong verbal and written communication skills and the ability to work well cross-functionally.

About the role

  1. You will be leading Swift’s efforts to develop and launch our cross-platform mobile application for our 1m+ end customers.
  2. You will be responsible for developing, enhancing and maintaining Swift’s web app.
  3. You like to work on a variety of projects - at this job, you will be developing a complex web app, hybrid mobile app, SDKs, widget-based plugins, a multi-platform chatbot and our public facing marketing front.
  4. You have experience in React native/Flutter. You have some idea of packaging web apps into mobile apps; or building hybrid mobile apps for the consumer. You are looking for challenges in growing a product from tens to hundreds of visitors per month making thousands of transactions a day.
  5. You strongly prefer static typing over dynamic languages and use every opportunity to transform code that does not use types into code that does. You generally prefer to use a minimal set of simple tools to solve complex problems.

Key Takeaways

  • The opportunity to work closely with founders to define, scope, estimate and plan various aspects of the product. You will be involved in both high and low-level decision making. This means a lot of ownership, which we cultivate by having a flat structure.
  • Be a part of a small, but a super capable team.
  • Competitive salary and stock options from a high-growth company.

To apply drop us a mail at tech-hiring@goswift.in with your resume and a very short description about yourself and we will get back to you.