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What is MPS - Multi Piece Shipment?

What is MPS - Multi Piece Shipment?

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What is MPS - Multi Piece Shipment?

What is MPS?

MPS means Multiple piece shipments or also known as Multi-package shipment and refers to a single load or a shipment with multiple packages or boxes grouped together that are meant to be delivered to a single address. MPS is particularly useful for businesses that usually ship large quantities of orders to a single location. For example: While shipping a large consignment of corporate gifts to an office location all the packages can be grouped together and sent under a single master label.

Who can benefit from/leverage multi-piece shipping?

Any seller who works with a carrier that allows MPS can avail of its benefits, But most businesses doing B2B shipping can leverage MPS the most as they mostly ship large quantities to the same delivery address. Also, brands that sell furniture and heavy white goods such as AC, fridges, inverters, etc. 

In addition, multi-piece shipping can also benefit individuals or businesses that want to save money on shipping costs. By breaking a shipment into multiple pieces, you may be able to take advantage of lower shipping rates for smaller packages, which can add up to significant savings over time.

What are the benefits of using multi-piee or multi-package shipping?

There are several benefits that come with MPS that helps businesses to save cost and time and smoothen their order management process.

Easy tracking

In multi-piece shipments, all the packages are grouped together and are brought in under a single master label. This helps both shippers and a receiver when it comes to tracking. Sellers don’t need to worry about managing multiple shipments and end customers can track the location of all their orders from a single link, making the process much more convenient.

Saves Shipping costs

With MPS sellers don’t need to create multiple AWBs for all the child packages. This leads to reducing shipping costs for the sellers, also they can also get better shipping rates for MPS comparatively multiple packages, depending on the courier partner you are working with. With Swift you can start MPS with carriers like BlueDart and Delhivery in an instant.

Saves time

Sellers save lots of time by dispatching shipments grouped together as MPS, this reduces and saves overall time in managing, packaging and shipping.

Better customer experience

In MPS, all the packages are grouped together and reach the customer in a single package. This saves customers from the hassle of checking multiple packages individually and improves their experience.

How can businesses avail MPS?

To avail of MPS, Sellers need to first ensure that the carrier they have partnered with allows multi-piece shipments. Not all carriers serving in the logistics industry have MPS service as of now and if they do sellers need to raise a request with them and get it activated. Businesses can only start this form of shipping once it is activated by the carrier. 

Availing MPS shipping directly from a logistics provider can be a cumbersome process and takes a lot of time. On top of that it involves technical integration if you are using a sales channel like Shopify Woocommerce, Magento, Prestashop, etc. Thus it’s usually recommended to use a platform like Swift for shipping MPS shipments. 

How to process MPS with Swift?

With Swift, sellers can easily start using MPS and ship multiple packages under a single Master label, thus saving on cost and time and improving customer experience.

To enable MPS, Sellers can just signup with Swift and get MPS activated by contacting on  sales@goswift.in and they will do the rest.

Swifts MPS dashboard
Swift's MPS dashboard

Once enabled, you can simply access the MPS option by logging in to their Swift Dashboard > Ship Parcel > Add Parcel Details > Multi Package Shipment.

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