April 19, 2024

Product Updates Checkout - August

Checkout our latest upgrades and new launches for the month of August.

Integrate your CRM with other tools

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How to connect your integrations to your CRM platform?

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Techbit is the next-gen CRM platform designed for modern sales teams

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Why using the right CRM can make your team close more sales?

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What other features would you like to see in our product?

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Introducing New Integrations

  1. BharatX

    Introducing BharatX integration with Swift using which you can allow your consumers to pay in 3 equal installments spread across 60 days. Consumers can place an order on your website using pay in 3 option on the checkout page. They pay only 1/3rd the amount while you get full payment in T+1 days.

  2. Limechat and AiSensy

    Limechat and AiSensy integration is now introduced, allowing you to effortlessly establish a direct integration between your Limechat or AiSensy account enabling the synchronization of all your WhatsApp communication flows without encountering any hindrances or complications and engage more with customers coming on your checkout page.

  3. Bik.ai

    You can now directly integrate your Bik.ai account with Swift and sync all your whatsapp communication flows without any issues and get detailed customer insights on how they engage with your website.

  4. Mason

    Mason integration is now available with Swift, you can leverage multiple engagement features on your checkout page and boost conversion rates. With Swift and Mason working together, you can now create a checkout experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

Checkout what's new in the Swift checkout app

  1. Partial COD/Split payments

    With partial COD option users can complete part of the payment while placing order and pay the rest on delivery as COD. This feature helps in reducing probability of RTOs and fake COD orders, and helps confirm customer intent to purchase.

  2. Customer GST and billing address

    You can now capture customers' GST and billing address while they place an order. With this you can increase transparency and ease in matching compliance requirements.

  3. Card EMI option

    Customers can now choose and avail EMI options directly on your checkout page. This convenient feature can be accessed by utilizing eligible payment cards, giving customers greater flexibility in their purchasing decisions.

  4. Conversion Source tracking for abandoned cart recovery

    A new capability is released wherein you can now track the precise source of conversion in relation to abandoned cart recovery. This will allow you to make more informed decisions and get better insights of channels and flows used for abandoned cart recovery.

Unveiling new upgrades

  1. New version of Swift pay is released for WooCommerce

    • In depth merchant analytics

      More advanced charts have been added to give you more detailed information on multiple user metrics and checkout performance.

    • Abandoned checkout recovery

      Multiple provisions have been added leveraging popular messaging platforms like WhatsApp and SMS as effective tools in the pursuit of recovering abandoned shopping carts and subsequently boosting conversion rates.

  2. New version of Swift tracking is released

    • Multiple branding & personalization options for merchants

      You can now add navigation, support links, brand colors, logos ,cover/product images to match your brand guidelines and upsell from the tracking page. Customers can also submit feedback from the tracking page itself.

    • NDR actions and notifications

      Customers can view and proactively take actions on shipments, submit updated addresses, submit updated phone numbers and request for reattempt.

    • Customer chat support

      Now customers can directly reach out by using the chat support option on the tracking page, eliminating large number of calls and email arising from unexpected issues.

  3. Improve Security with optimized login OTP flows

    We have collaborated with the top telecom providers to reduce OTP receiving time for your customers. This will reduce SMS time from average 10 seconds to low 4 seconds.

  4. Improvements aimed at boosting page load speeds and API performance for a Superior Customer User Experience

    Enhancements are done across the checkout process to give customers seamless experience and ease of doing payments. These improvements will help to reduce drop offs and boost brand positioning.

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